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SalidaDelSol Hanavese Puppies
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If you are looking for the wonderful family companion to add love and joy to your home, you have come to the right place. SalidaDelSol Havanese is pleased to offer healthy, happy, home raised Havanese puppies to responsible families.

With careful, selective breeding, and the shared knowledge and co-operation of other reputable Havanese breeders, SalidaDelSol has produced healthy pups for selected families and has also done well in the show ring.

Alida, SalidaDelSol Havanese is a small hobby breeder, in a suburb in Vancouver BC, Canada, that brought these dogs in from Cuba (read more on the Our History page). Their puppies are very well socialized and good with kids. A careful breeding program includes all medical and health testing pertinent to this lovely breed. Alida's priority is puppies with a sweet, gentle, and out going temperament.

SalidaDelSol is registered with the Canadian Kennel Club and a member of the Havanese Fanciers of Canada.
Havanese are also known as Havana Silk Dogs, Bichon Havanese, Bichon Habanero.

SalidaDelSol Hanavese Puppies
Cara Mia Cinnabarmm

For more information such as pedigrees, health test results, planned litters, etc, please contact Alida by phone or email.

SalidaDelSol Havanese
Alida Wasmuth
Langley, British Columbia

SalidaDelSol Hanavese Puppies

"The Havanese is truly one of the most delightful of the small breeds. They are exceptionally intelligent and quick-witted. Obedience training is achieved with very little effort ... they thrive on affection and human companionship, and are at their very best as participating members of the family. They love children and will play tirelessly with them at any game the children delight in."

Our Amazing Havanese by Dorothy L. Goodale            

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