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Heartfelt thanks to Peggie McRobbie of Cinnabarmm Havanese and Monika Moser of Pillowtalk Havanese for making my longtime dream come true a beautiful healthy red and white litter of havanese puppies whelped at Salida Del Sol ... a new era has begun! Alida
SalidaDelSol Hanavese Puppies
Cara Mia Cinnabarmm and Pillowtalk Local Hero 11


Columbus and Tabby have had their puppies.

See a photo show of our puppies as they develop over a 9 week period ... "Litter to Leaving"

A couple of testimonials have been posted ... read them here.

Beautiful registered Havanese puppies with outstanding temperaments and luxurious silky coats of various colors
are available for show or family companion. If you are interested in pedigrees and/or health test results
please email:

Watch puppies develop over a 9 week period ... "Litter to Leaving"

SalidaDelSol's Columbus and Tabby

Yes, Tabby had her puppies
2 girls and 3 boys
Contact Alida for details

SalidaDelSol Havanese
Alida Wasmuth
Langley, British Columbia

SalidaDelSol Hanavese Puppies

"The Havanese is truly one of the most delightful of the small breeds. They are exceptionally intelligent and quick-witted. Obedience training is achieved with very little effort ... they thrive on affection and human companionship, and are at their very best as participating members of the family. They love children and will play tirelessly with them at any game the children delight in."

Our Amazing Havanese by Dorothy L. Goodale            

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